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The author of these pages has been installing automatic gates for over thirty years. A lot has changed in that time yet very little at the same time. Gates still swing and slide just now we have bi-fold and telescopic and the motors are much smarter and yet easier to work with offering more control.

These pages are about putting as much information as we can to help all and sundry in what to choose and how to do it.
We ask - how accurate are the test results on which we rely?
Early in the year 2000 we were reading technical documents from an Italian supplier and it dawned on us to ask who does the testing that provides the specifications. The answer raised more questions. You see the manufacturers themselves perform the tests to determine the specification. So in reality the results we read are dependent on whether those responsible were overly conservative or the more extreme and concerning overly ambitious.

It was obvious that the specifications were limited in their value and had to be used as a guide only.
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